Center Street Wastewater Treatment Plant- Mount Pleasant Waterworks

In 1933 this land was the property of Clovis Goblet. Yonge Simmons purchased it by auction in 1934. Mr. Simmons’ descendant sold the property to the Town of Mount Pleasant and Mount Pleasant Waterworks and
Sewer Commission in 1968. In the early 1960s the Commission began design of a wastewater collection system. Construction began on a primary treatment facility capable of processing 1.4 million gallons per day (MGD). The Department of the Army Corps of Engineers approved a permit to fill in the marsh and construct an 18” outfall line. Plant operations for this contact stabilization, secondary treatment plant began in June 1970: Mount Pleasant’s first form of wastewater treatment. Under the Federal Grants Program the facility was expanded in 1980 from 1.4 MGD to 3.7 MGD with the addition of flow equalization and conversion to the conventional activated sludge treatment process.

Simultaneously, small package plants were taken out of service and flow from these plants was diverted to Center Street Wastewater Treatment Plant. A new outfall line was constructed in 1989, with a capacity of 17 MGD. All treated wastewater is discharged through the outfall line 4,700 feet into Charleston Harbor, in the Rebellion Reach Channel. From 2012-2015 $27.2 million was invested in the Center Street Wastewater Treatment Capacity
Enhancement Project. Increased treatment capacity sustains economic development, which in turn facilitates job growth to benefit the Town, region and State. Energy efficiency enhancements reduced annual treatment costs and the positive impact on water quality in Charleston Harbor is critical to the region, to Mount Pleasant, and to the beautiful Lowcountry environment.