A two-gun battery was constructed in 1863 at Kinloch’s Landing, a ferry landing facing Sullivan’s Island. The battery was 2.16 miles northeast of Battery Gary. It was originally constructed with a powder magazine and gun positions for two heavy guns. The armament varied through the war, but it started out with two 8-inch Columbiads on barbette carriages. The battery was located to serve as a rear defense for Sullivan’s Island and to prevent light-draft boats from navigating through the inland waterway.

Kinloch’s Landing also served as the headquarters for the Confederate district which included Mount Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island. On the mainland behind the battery was an infantry redoubt and a large Confederate camp. In November 1863, Kinloch’s Land was the headquarters for Brigadier General Roswell Ripley. The troops stationed there included two companies of the 20th South Carolina Infantry.

With the close proximity to the marsh and waterway, Kinloch’s Landing Battery was susceptible to flooding at high tide. In September 1864, Major G. U. Mayo, Assistant Inspector of Artillery, inspected the battery and reported it “entirely out of order.” He noted, “It is unpleasant for me again to report the want of care which infantry guards at batteries have displayed.” Mayo urged headquarters to assign a trained artillery officer to the battery.

There are remnants of Kinloch’s Landing Battery still extant. The property is owned by a neighborhood association. The site of the infantry redoubt is privately owned.